The Rip Stick Is Way More Fun Than A Skateboard!

In the 19th century, many believed that the horse-drawn carriage was an the greatest invention of all time until Henry Ford released his Model-T automobile to a nation anxious for speed and innovation. Fast forward about 100 years, and a similar changing of the guard is Best Skateboards for Cruising happening. Traditional skateboards certainly had their heyday when some of the best extreme athletes on the planet used them to garner fame in the 80s and 90s, but the new millennium belongs to the Rip Stick.

In short, the Rip stick is more versatile, more challenging and simply much more fun than a traditional skateboard. Unlike standing on a plank and laboriously pushing it along the street with the pendulum-style motion of a leg, the Rip Stick board is propelled down the cement or asphalt by way of a back and fourth twisting motion that is performed while riding on the board, eliminating the need for feet to ever leave the surface.

It utilizes two wheels instead of four, which creates a number of interesting physics principles that the Rip Stick board uses to its advantage. As a result of the two Rip Stick wheels being fastened to the board at a slight angle, a rider can gain speed with only minimal physical effort as compared to a skateboarder. Many riders position their feet directly above the wheels for maximum control.

The piece looks like a skateboard that fell off of an alien ship as it scrambled to make a hasty return to its home planet, and Rip Stick boards utilize many benefits of modern science and Best Skateboards For Tricks innovation. The movement actually has more in common with snowboarding than skateboarding, as the shredding, curving and carving motions that are so often seen on fresh powder can now be performed on hard and dry surfaces.

Having two sections that are attached but can also rotate independently from one another allows the board to perform tricks in ways that make a traditional skateboard look about as cool as a dusty VHS tape. Even better, most of the dimensions of a typical skate parks are perfect for the dimensions of Rip Stick wheels, which can get the board up to higher speeds than a traditional and outdated four-wheel alignment.

Every sport that embraces ideas and innovations with open arms seems to catch on well with the active people of this world, as they often appreciate and enjoy seeing the limits of human achievement being pushed. Given the incredible popularity of the stands to reason that it will soon be woven into the lineup at ESPN’s Summer X Games within the next few years.

Some of the world’s best Rip Stickers are quickly putting the sport on the map as the nation’s best skateboarders began to seem like elderly forefathers. Ali Kermani has become the master of the manual, as he is able to ride with both feet over one wheel and the board at a 45-degree angle for well over 100 feet. His kick flips tend to shock minds that are used to seeing skateboarders perform similar tricks with only a fraction of the rotation. Once the young sport is picked up by the X Games, expect to see highly skilled Californian boarders Scott Love and Ricky Wernicky amongst the competitors.


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